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Great Wall Marathon 2018: 7-day package

You are currently booking Great Wall Marathon 2018: 7-day package.

Great Wall Marathon 2018: 7-day package

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Welcome to the Albatros Adventure Marathons booking website. Please note that you must submit one form per participant. If you have any questions regarding your booking, please email us at

Participant Information
Please enter your full name as stated in your passport.
You have selected the 7-day package, which includes an excursion to the Forbidden City. Your passport number is required for the visit to the Forbidden City as part of the “real-name” policy that has been enforced by Chinese authorities since 2015. Please enter your passport number below. If you do not have your passport on hand, you can leave the space empty, and we will contact you later for your passport information. Issue date, expiry date and other details are not needed.
Race Details
Trip Details
If you select "Shared Double Room", you will be paired with another participant of the same gender or you can request to share a room with a fellow traveller in the comments field below. If you select "Single Room", an additional fee is charged to reserve a private room.
An arrival transfer is included in your package. Please let us know, if you would like us to arrange a departure transfer from your hotel to the airport.
Extra Hotel Nights
You have the option to extend your 7-day package with additional hotel nights in Beijing. Nights are available both at the start and conclusion of your travel. Please note, the same conditions apply when selecting "Shared Double Room" or "Single Room".
Optional Excursions
Enhance your visit to China with a selection of cultural and historical experiences.
Optional Extensions
We are adding the finishing touches to our 2018 tour extensions. These exciting packages offer the perfect way to conclude your visit to China, and allow you to see more of this amazing country! Further details will be announced soon.
Use the comments area to inform us of any specific requests, such as dietary concerns or the name of any travel companions with whom you would like to share a room.